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        Lilin hydraulic breakout unit is a multifunctional auxiliary equipment with hydraulic pressure, transmission and automation. It is widely used to dismantle, assemble and maintain all kinds of strings and downhole drilling tools of petroleum drilling and geological exploration. Lilin hydraulic breakout unit with advanced technology, perfect operation function, simple and practicable running program, strict processing technology and reasonable design structure can dismantle and assemble all kinds of threads with different diameter and different working pressure. Its console is controlled by hydraulic pressure.To directly read the valves of pressures and torques, and to synchronously spin-up, clamp and move.

        Parameters of small hydraulic breakout unit

        Parameters of medium hydraulic breakout unit

        Parameters of large hydraulic breakout unit
        Prarmeter English system Metric system English system Metric system English system

        Metric system

        Pipe diameter 1-1/4'' to 5-3/25'' 32mm to 130mm 2-3/8'' to 11-2/5'' 60 mm to 290mm 2-3/8'' to 17-1/2'' 60mm to 450mm
        Maxiumu make up/break out torque 8850 ft-lbs 12KN·m 84818 ft-lbs 80KN·m/100KN·m 132758 ft-lbs 150KN·m/180KN·m
        Base length 19ft 5800 mm 59 ft 18000 mm 59 ft 18000 mm
        Maximum spin-up torque 2950 ft-lbs 14KN·m 2950 ft-lbs 4.0KN·m 2950 ft-lbs 4.0KN·m
        Maximum thrust of the puller 0.36 tons 3.6KN 25 tons 246 KN 28 tons 280 KN
        Maximum pull of the puller 0.30 tons 3 KN 20 tons 180 KN 24 tons 243 KN
        Host machine type 7.2'×4.9'×28.7' 8.76×2.2×1.5m 5.57'×5.57'×59' 1.7×1.7×18 m 7.2'×7.2'×59' 2.2×2.2×18 m
        Net weight 5521 lbs 2500 kg 17637 lbs 8000 kg 28219 lbs 12800 kg
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